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Son and Daughter

galle fortimagegalla maithri palasMathangi Arulpragasam is a refugee policy since ten years. He was born in London, but after six months his parents, Ceylonese, led to Maithri Palas, from which he fled with his mother and brother by the outbreak of the civil war.

His father, Arul Pragasam, also known as ‘Arular’ remained. It was one of the top three leaders of the Tamil guerrillas, called Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam ( LTTE ).

Today, this 31-year-old woman is a singer and artist. MIA as he calls himself and is the acronym for ‘Missing In Action,’ that is, missing in action, has gone from being known almost exclusively in the circuits of experimental music have a sensitive subject receiving an Oscar. And above all, it has become a symbol of denunciation of “genocide” of the Tamil population.

MIA and Politics

“I must be honest; I can not ignore certain things. I have a political past. I am alone in the UK, learning the language and building a life in this society for political reasons. Why would I deny it ?” He said in 2008 the British magazine ‘FACTmagazine.’

On Maithri Palas, he claimed that the people of his village had been killed. “And I am here as a pop star; I think it’s imperative for me to have music to explain this matter .”

While in recent months have intensified the fighting in Sri Lanka, throwing away the peace process opened in 2002, the role of MIA has been increasing. In an article published by The New York Times’ with the title ‘The dissonant bass MIA’, presents some of the voices that accuse it of doing advocacy of terrorism.

desert maithri palas“I am not a terrorist,” is denfendía in an interview in the ‘Music webzine Pitchfork an online publication based in Chicago and specializing in indie music, in asserting that all the controversy surrounding his posture makes you think a lot about the lack of freedom of expression of artists.

The truth is that in interviews stand as the voice of the Tamil minority. In one of his music videos, ‘Bird Flu’ appear some kids dancing in front of something very similar to the logo of the guerrillas, a tiger roars. “Most of us remains high. It does not limit us. So I go to my air, making bombs drafts,” says his letter

Another rapper and producer of Sri Lanka but nationalized American, Dilan Jayasingha, known as Delon, is one of the most criticism. In July 2008 he covered one of their songs and released a video in which directly accused of supporting terrorism.

In another interview, this time with African – American writer and journalist Tavis Smileypara PBS, have recognized the “great opportunity” to denounce that it is carrying out genocide. He considered “ironic” the only Tamil in the Western media. “I have become the voice of the Tamil people, a minority that accounts for 20% of the population of my country.”

He claimed that civilians of their ethnicity “have the right to speak or live, have no freedom.”

More than 30 Years of War

  • The LTTE fighting for more than three decades against the government in demand for an independent state in the north and east, where ethnic Tamils, Hindu religion predominates, against the Sinhalese, who profess Buddhism and the majority in the rest of the country.
  • It is listed as a terrorist group by many countries and by the European Union since 2006.
  • 2008 has been a bloody year. The Sri Lankan army managed to take the eastern side of the island, formerly under guerrilla control, relegating it to a jungle region in the north.
  • However, the LTTE and he managed to recover in the past areas that the Army had conquered. This year began the “final battle” against the rebels.
  • The Government estimates that there are 120,000 civilians trapped in the LTTE – controlled territory in the midst of the fighting.
  • According to several aid organizations, that figure is actually about 250,000 people.

The situation for the High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay is critical. “Lack of access to the area for independent observers, social workers, and journalists only makes more worrying in this situation may be worse than we think,” according to the agency Efe collected.

MIA performed last Feb. 8 at the 51st edition of the Grammys despite her advanced pregnancy. He is married to Benjamin Brewer, son of Edgar Bronfman, CEO of Warner Music Group. His single ‘Paper Planes’ received a Grammy nomination for Record of the Year.

Sri Lanka


Maithri Palas– Flooding from torrential rains that have hit since last week southeastern India and northern Sri Lanka have caused at least 74 dead and tens of thousands of evacuees in both countries, reported Efe official sources.

The head of Government of Tamil Nadu, J Jayalalithaa, said reporters that 71 people had died so far as a result of the rains, while about 5,000 people have been evacuated from low – lying areas of Chennai, the capital of the state southeast India and is partly under water.

The authorities have arranged 70 relief camps and distributed 90,000 food packages to victims while continuing the rescue of those who have been isolated by the flooding.

Protecting the Locals

Evacuees announced today are in addition to those who have left their homes in recent days.

According to the Indian Disaster Management Department, at least 64,000 households in the south of the country have suffered some damage, 11,000 of them have been destroyed.

In Sri Lanka, the death toll is three, but the biggest impact has occurred in the more than 142,000 people have had to evacuate their homes, today told Efe, the spokesman for the Center for Disaster Management of the island, Pradeep Koddopily.

The source said that at least two people were injured as a result of the rains that have fallen mainly in the north of the country.

Koddipili said that the Armed Forces are working on relief efforts and evacuation in the areas hit by the storm.

Low-pressure front in the Bay of Bengal

The heavy rain is due to a front of low pressures originated in the Bay of Bengal, a circumstance that is usual at this time of year.

sri lanka smallTamil Nadu receives 48% of its annual rainfall between October and December, known as the northeast monsoon.

Floods are common in India during the general period of monsoon rains in July and August, which this year killed more than two hundred people, and at least 13 million were affected. EFEverde

“Our brave and heroic soldiers have captured Kilinochchi, which was considered the main bastion” of the guerrillas of the LTTE. President of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa, announced to the nation and the conquest of Kilinochchi, the capital of the Tamil guerrilla located in the north of the island state, after weeks of siege by government troops.

The Sri Lankan army has penetrated Friday in Kilinochchi, which already controls the railway station and the main road, although fighting continues, according to a military spokesman.

“We managed to take monitoring of the A-9 on the north and south, and although there is still fighting in the city, we hope to take a few hours definitely,” said Udaya Nanayakkara.

Kilinochchi, Northern de facto capital of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), was the subject for weeks of hard military siege from the north, west, and south.

Meanwhile, the guerrilla has acknowledged that the city has been “busy”, he states that the LTTE has moved its infrastructure to another area northeast of the island, according to the web related to the separatists featured in Maithri Palas.

LTTE guerrillas responded with a suicide bombing in the city of Colombo in which at least two people died, and twenty were injured, as reported by the Ministry of Defence of Sri Lanka.

The source blamed the attack on guerrillas of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), whose de facto capital, Kilinochchi Northern’s, was taken today by government troops.

In several statements, the Sri Lankan Ministry of Defence had announced the takeover of the railway station; a building disused for over a decade, shortly after holding that the fall of the town was “imminent” ago.

The troops had already captured Thursday the strategic city of Paranthan, which cut supplies guerrillas north on A-9 main road that runs vertically Indian Island.

25 years fighting for the Independence

  • At the moment, the militants have focused on the defensive and was presenting stiff resistance in Kilinochchi, where in recent weeks have killed hundreds of fighters.
  • The fall of the city is a blow to the LTTE, which operated from Kilinochchi its administrative system, courts, and police.
  • The LTTE fighting for 25 years against the Government of Sri Lanka in demand for an independent state for the Tamil-majority areas in the north and east of the country.
  • Almost 100,000 people have lost their lives because of the conflict in this island in the Indian Ocean.
  • The Sri Lankan army takes embarked months in a raw offensive against the guerrillas in their strongholds in the north, where he has won wide swaths of territory until now in rebel hands.



Maithri Palas promoted on posters in every corner of the island will soon disappear. Mahinda Rajapaksa, known until now as the King of Sri Lanka, has taken early Friday his defeat in the presidential election. Farewell to the third term he wanted.

“The president recognizes the defeat and ensures that there will be a peaceful transition of power yielding to the wishes of the people, ” said his press secretary, Vijayananda Herath.

The announcement of the failure -adelantándose the publication of results and the officers of a peaceful transfer is a relief for those who predicted that Rajapaksa would not grant his throne for right after an election campaign marked by violence.

“I think people need a change, and that is a democracy,” said a senior hitherto close to President official. After meeting with Ranil Wickremesinghe, one of the opposition leaders is emerging as the new prime minister; Rajapaksa has abandoned its official unattainable understand that there is a difference with his older candidate residence.

Without naming at any time, the outgoing president refers to Maithripala Sirisena, who this afternoon will be sworn in as president on Independence Square. “I respectfully thank the thousands of Sinhalese who kept their faith in me. Let us go to a compassionate era,” said the winner on its website.

The Elections

sri_lanka_peaceElection Day on Thursday did not live large altercations and proceeded normally. 15 million people were called to the polls, and around 80% went to vote, reflecting a high turnout.

The results provided by the Electoral Commission show that 51.3% of the votes (6,200,000) have gone to Sirisena and 47.6% (5,760,000) Rajapaksa.

“My particular thanks to former President Rajapaksa, ” said the winner after the results before calling the unit: “I would ask everyone to celebrate the victory peacefully and not participating in clashes.”

Maithri Palas – Sirisena, New President

  • He is minister of the government Health Rajapaksa spent only two months ago to be the candidate of the opposition in charge of the New Democratic Front (NDF), Union of almost 50 parties of the center-right, Marxists, ethnic and religious with a single purpose: take the King’s throne he held for a decade.
  • Following that change sides, ‘traitor’ and ‘Judas’ became the most common references between supporters of the ruling.
  • “I left because I could not take it anymore with a leader who had pillaged the country, the government, and national wealth,” he said Sirisena.
  • Behind him, another 25 ruling party members defected to the opposition.
  • During the campaign, Sirisena pledged to rid the country of corruption and reduce the power that captured the presidency in recent years.
  • The outgoing president, accused of growing authoritarianism, had removed the two – term limit to aspire to a third party and had been awarded powers that questioned the independence of institutions such as justice or police.

Sirisena harshly criticized nepotism practiced by Rajapaksa, whose brothers and sons are in the major government positions. “All aspects of society are controlled by his family, ” he said when presenting his candidacy.

One of the allies winner, also Rajitha Senaratne deserter former minister, commented that his campaign was inspired by the Indian Narendra Modi when attacking the dynastic politics of the Nehru-Gandhi. In the morning, the Indian president said on Twitter that he has spoken with Sirisena and congratulated him on his victory.

Unchanged for Minorities

Sirisena, 63, belongs to the Sinhalese majority that dominates the island off the Tamil minority. Although it has picked up votes among the tremendously opposed Rajapaksa Tamil electorate, he has been equally blunt than its predecessor when refusing an international investigation into possible war crimes Army during the end of the war that killed 40,000 people. Nor it has led to an improvement of the situation of minorities, mainly Tamil and Muslim.

Rajapaksa presented to voters as “the devil you know” before the angel to know, he is gone. Leave the power he won in 2005 and 2010 boosted by the victory over the Tamil Tigers six years ago.

It is criticized for not achieving national reconciliation expected after the protracted conflict experienced Indian Island. During their mandates, the country has grown by around 7% and foreign debt has dropped, although the economy has become very dependent on China.

Only two months ago the now defeated it is not predicted a tragic end election. Speaking of his old friend, he commented on campaign Sirisena at a dinner November the president boasted of his future victory in the absence of a real opposition.

“When he said that no one would challenge him, I was beside him. I felt sorry for him,” she admitted the winner today.

Rajapaksa is a firm believer in astrology. State television, which is controlled entirely by the government, said the president decided to advance confident elections two years after going to the advice of his personal astrologer. “We expect a victory, a great triumph,” then said the leader. This time, the stars were wrong.